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ADT-927 Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Pump

700 Bar Hydraulic Pressure Calibration Pump, Double Speed, High Flow

Model no ADT-927
Description Hydraulic pressure pump
Pressure range 0…700 Bar
Generate %85 vakuum
Medium Oil / deionised Water
Pump type Double speed, high flow
Oil outputs 2 x hand-tight quick connectors
Body Material SST/Aluminum
Dimensions 135x290x198mm
Tool weight 3.2 kg
Brand Additel
Origin USA
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  • Test pressure 700 bar / 10.000 psi
  • Generate 85% vakuum up to 700 bar
  • Test fluid hydraulic oil or deionised water
  • Portable, only 3.2 kg, (7 lb)
  • Double speed, dual-piston system
  • Pressurize large volume workload
  • Stable pressure due isolation valve
  • Smoothly, quick pressure adjustment
  • Durable and minimal maintenance
  • 2 oil ports with hand-tight quick connectors
  • Easy connecting and disconnecting
Technical Specifications

700 Bar Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump for Pressure Instruments

The ADT-927 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate pressure to 700 bar (10,000 psi). This pump incorporates a dual-piston system which is ideal for filling large volume workload with the hand pump and providing smooth increase and decrease of pressure with the fine adjustment. The ADT-927 Test Pump incorporates an isolation valve which isolates the calibration volume from the check valve associated with the hand pump. Because the check valve can often be a source of leaks and maintenance, the isolation valve provides more stable measurements and reduces potential maintenance of the pump. Two hand-tight quick connectors installed on the pump allow easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. The ADT-927 is an ideal comparison test pump for calibrating pressure measuring instruments such as test gauges, indicators or transducers in the field or laboratory.

Test Fluid: Oil or deionised water
Oil is default media liquid. Pump with water as media to be ordered specifically
Generated Pressure Range:
85% vacuum to 700 bar (10,000psi) positive pressure
ConnectionHand-tight connectors for both test gauge and reference gauge.
Test Gauge Connection:
1/4NPT female - 1/4BSP female or M20X1.5 female
Reference Gauge Connection
1/4NPT female -  1/4BSP female or M20X1.5 female
Dimensions 135 mm x 290 mm x 198 mm (5.31” x 11.41” x 7.79”)
Ram/Adapters   : Stainless Steel
Body                    : SST/aluminum
Seals                     : Buna-N

Optional Accessories


Oil, Diethylhexyl Sebacate, 1 liter (1 quart)


Adapters and fittings, 1/4NPT male to various male and female connection (26 pcs).


Adapters and fittings, 1/4NPT (1/4BSP, or M20X1.5) male to various female hand-tight quick connectors (10 pcs).


Hose test kit, 5 feet flexible hose, 8000 psi, 1/4NPT male to 1/4NPT (1/8NPT, 1/2NPT, 1/4BSP, or M20X1.5) female hand-tight quick connector.


Carrying Case for one 927 pump and two 681 gauges or 672 calibrators

Accessories Included:

- Mineral Oil, 1 Bottle 250ml

- O-Ring: 20 pcs

- Manual

- Carrying case ( 928-X-Set Models Only)

Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Test Pump ADT-927 PDF

Hydraulic Pressure Comparison Test Pump ADT-927 User Manual PDF

Additel Pressure Test Pump Selection Guide PDF

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