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Gerus Press HP-27 Air Hydraulic Test Pump

3000 Bar Gerus Air Hydraulic Test Pump with 4 Output Ports, CEJN 135 Series

Model No HP-27
Work. Pressure 3.000 Bar
Flowrate 0.5 Ltr/dak
Output Port 4 x CEJN 135
Air Pressure 1.5 - 7.0 bar
Gauge Diam. ø 165 mm
Gauge Scale 0 - 4000 bar
Resolution 25 bar
Useable Oil 10 liter
Total weight 40 kg
Tool Sizes 550 x 431 x 315mm
Brand / Origin Gerus / Germany
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  • Hydraulic pressure up to 3000 bar
  • Single speed, single acting
  • Check valve hold the load
  • Fine pressure tuning available
  • Pressure can be adjusted easyly
  • Pressure adjustable by air inlet valve
  • 4000 bar ø165mm presicion gauge
  • Equipped with 4 oil output ports 
  • Air pressure needed from 1.5 to 7bar
  • Air consumption 0.53 m³ /minute
  • Portable, light weight, long lasting
  • Used for tensioning & test operations

Reliable Portable Hydraulic Power Source: Geruspress-HP27

HP-27 Geruspress airhydraulic pump produces 3000 bar hydraulic pressure with 7 bar compressed air. The unit delivers 0.5 liters of oil per minute at maximum pressure. The hydraulic pressure level is determined by adjusting the pressurized air entering the pump. More air pressure in, more hydraulic pressure out.

Gerus HP-27 air hydraulic test pump is a reliable portable hydraulic power source designed for use in workshops, service centers, factories, and plants where service is provided. It is originally designed for MAN ship engines and power generatiors service operations.     

4 Outlet Ports

The Gerus-Press HP-27 air driven hydraulic pump equipped with 4 oil outlet ports. These ports featured with CEJN 135 series of female couplings. All ports are pressurized at the same time. All ports can be used at the same time or individually.

Technical Specifications

Gerus Hydro Pneumatic Test Pumps 1500-2000-3000 Bar

Technichal Data Units HP-25 HP-26 HP-27
Working Pressure Bar 1500 2500 3000
Flowrate lt/min 0.5 0.5 0.5
Hydraulic System * Single Acting Single Acting Single Acting
Air Pressure Range Bar 1.5 - 7.0 1.5 - 7.0 1.5 - 8.0
Air Consumption m³  0.53 m³ /min 0.6 m³ /min 0.6 m³ /min
Useable Oil ltr 7 10 10
Oil Outputs Cejn 116 Coupler G1/4" 4 Ports 4 Ports 4 Ports
Gauge Diameter mm ø165 ø165 ø165
Gauge Pressure Range Bar 0 - 1600 0 - 3000 0 - 4000
Pressure Unit # Bar Bar Bar
Resolution on Gauge Bar 50 50 25
Weight incl. Oil kg  30.5 40 40
Pump Sizes mm 402 x 431 x 315 550 x 431 x 315 550 x 431 x 315

 Area Used

  • Bolt tensioning systems
  • Operating Hydraulic nuts
  • Opening of SKF couplings
  • Floating of camshafts
  • Opening and separating turbo chargers
  • Loosening cylinder cover of largest diesel engines
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