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Torc-Tech STO060.1 Slipping Torque Wrench

10 - 60 Nm Slipping Torque Wrench, Accuracy ±%4, Drive 1/2“

Model No STO060
Torque Range (N.m) 10 - 60
Torque Range (lbf.ft) 8 - 44
Drive 1/2"
Accuracy  ±4%
Lenght (mm) 355
Number of Thread 48
Weight (kg) 0.66
Type P-Type Slipping
House Calibration Available
Origin  Taiwan 
Brand Torc-Tech
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  • Accuracy ±6%  (1-10 N.m )
  • Accuracy ±4%  (5-125 N.m )
  • 6 different model up to 125 N.m
  • Fine thread ratchet 36T/48T
  • STO series describes preset models
  • STA series for adjustable models
  • Dual scale both, N.m and Ft-lb
  • Tool slips when set value achieved
  • Funtion only clockweise direction
  • Micrometer scale for error free setting
  • Supplied with house calibration certificate
  • Manufactured in Taiwan by Torc-Tech comp.
Technical Specifications

 Torc-Tech Adjustable Slipping Type Torque Wrenches

Model Torque Range Sq Drive Accuracy Lenght Teeth Weight
# N.m lbf.ft inch % mm # kg
STO005 1 - 5 0.7 - 3.7 1/4"  ±6% 260 36 0.52
STO010 2 - 10 1.5 - 7.4 1/4"  ±6% 260 36 0.52
STO025 5 - 25 3.5 - 18 3/8"  ±4% 320 36 0.59
STO060 10 - 60 8 - 44 3/8"  ±4% 355 48 0.66
STO060.1 10 - 60 8 - 44 1/2"  ±4% 355 48 0.65
STO125 40-125 29 - 92 1/2"  ±4% 475 48 1.43

Adjustable Slipping Type Torque Wrench

Torc-Tech brand slipping type torque wrenches are offered in two different models as preset and adjustable from the handle. Both models have 8 different torque wrench options from 1 to 125 N.m. Torque accuracy is ± 6% from 1-5 N.m and 2-10 N.m models. For both preset and adjustable from handle torque wrenches 5-25 N.m - 10-60 N.m and 25-100 N.m models, the accuracy is ± 4%. P-type torque wrenches dont have a torque indicator. These devices can be fixed to the desired value using the torque tester. Torque adjustment of the STA series is carried out by turning the handle.

Slipping Type - How Does the Torque Wrenches Work?

In click type torque wrenches, the user hears a warning sound when the torque value is reached. When this sound is heard, it means that the adjusted torque value has been reached. However, if the user does not hear this click sound or continues to tighten, it overtorques.

Slipping type torque wrenches are equipped with a different mechanism. This different mechanism causes the torque wrench to be released when the set value is reached. Even if the user acts carelessly, he cannot torque more than the prescribed value. The torque wrench turns to idle.


Ratchet head:

A highly robust ratchet mechanism for CW directions application. Repair kit for inner spare parts of ratchet head is available.

Reliable mechanism:

The robust and resistant fully chromed steel tube is ideal of industrial use.

The unique continuous slipping mechanism eliminates the risk of over tightening.

Serial number:

Each piece stamping serial number for the traceability.


Dual scale window type; easy readable for two different units.

Micrometer scale:

For more accurate torque value setting. The additional window with big reading number for easy torque setting.

NBR grip handle:

Ergonomic shape with non-slip and comfortable features.

Adjustment system:

Locking button enables reliable locking of the torque setting.

Turn switch CCW direction to "UNLOCK" the wrench for torque setting; turn switch CW direction to "LOCK".

Torc-Tech Slipping Torque Wrenches - PDF

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