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Simply Hercules Shock 2.4 Absorber Dismantler

Hercules Pneumatic Spring Compressor [2400kg]

Model Simply Hercules 2.4
Pressing capacity (10 Bar)  2400 kg
Pressing capacity (5 Bar)  1200 kg
Suitable spring diameter  250 mm
Suitable spring length  400 mm
Maximum stroke  250 mm
Tool length  1200 mm
Tool width  400 mm
Tool depth  500 mm
Weight  70 kg
Origin Italian
Confirmation Ford, Fiat ve Renault 
Warranty 12 Month
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Simply Hercules Pneumatic Shock Absorber Dismantler

There are two different models for The Semad Simply Hercules Pneumatic Strut Spring Compressor. Hercules 1.3 has a pressing power is 1200 Kg, Hercules 2.4 is 2400 kg at 10 bar air pressure. The air pressure decreases, the pressing and tensioning capacity decreases. Spring diameter is 250mm. With this feature, it can also be used in the coil springs of commercial vehicles such as Fiat Ducato and Renault Trafic.

Model Unit Simply Hercules 1.3 Simply Hercules 2.4
Pressing capacity (10 Bar) kg 1200 2400
Pressing capacity (5 Bar) kg 600 1200
Suitable spring diameter mm 250 250
Suitable spring length mm 400 400
Maximum stroke mm 250 250
Tool length mm 1200 1200
Tool width mm 400 400
Tool depth mm 500 500
Weight kg 65 70
Origin ** Italian Italian
Confirmation ** Ford, Fiat ve Renault  Ford, Fiat ve Renault
Warranty ** 12 Month 12 Month

The Simply Hercules Pneumatic Spring Compressor is an enhanced version of the Hercules 2000S.

The new Simply Hercules Pneumatic Spring Compressor adds the following updates to the Hercules 2000S.
  • Pressing capacity has been increased. Capacity has been increased to 2400 Kg.
  • With the increase in capacity, the safety barrier was strengthened and triple profile support was provided.
  • A rope added to the device, which prevents the coil spring from jumping out of slot.
  • Spring holder jaws are made independent from each other, providing a stronger and more balanced grip.
  • Piston length has been increased, making it compatible with longer coil springs.
  • Joystick control feature has been added instead of hydropneumatic foot pedal.
  • For short springs, the block plate is optionally available.

Semad Simply Hercules Pneumatic Shock Absorber Dismantler General Features

Universal: Simply Hercules is compatible with the coil springs of automobiles (Ford, Fiat, Renault, Audi, Chrysler, Iveco, BMW, Porsche etc.), light commercial, SUV, pick-up, minibus, panelvan and armored vehicles in the automotive industry. Hercules' gripping claws grip any coil spring up to 250mm in diameter. It has a pressing capacity of up to 2400 Kg.

Safety: Simply Hercules air spring puller distributes the high pressing force it produces to 4 holding hooks. The hooks securely compress all kinds of springs within their capacity. The protective barrier is equipped with a sensor. The system will not work until the barrier is closed. In order to prevent the coil spring from being thrown out of its slot due to faulty assembly, extra rope application has been started.

Practical: The Simply Hercules air damper puller is extremely practical. The insertion and removal of the coil spring into the press takes place in a very short time. It saves time in service activities. It improves service quality.

Fast: Simply Hercules shock absorber repairs and maintenance can be carried out very quickly. The puller air piston works with minimum 5 bar, maximum 10 bar air. As the air pressure increases, the pressing capacity increases. The air driven system reacts very quickly. It performs the emptying and compaction process in seconds.

Reliable: The materials used in the manufacture of the Simply Hercules air spring puller have been subjected to special tests. The device has successfully passed the security tests. It is an equipment that can be trusted in shock absorber repair services.


 Semad Simply Hercules Spring Compressor Product Document - PDF

Semad Simply Hercules Spring Compressor Instructions - PDF

(IT)Semad Simply Hercules 1.3 Spring Compressor Datasheet - PDF

Semad Simply Hercules Spring Compressor Spare Parts - PDF

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