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Rehobot SC23 Hydraulic Spring Compressor

Hydraulic Spring Compressor [2300kg]

Model SC23
Pressing Capacity (700 bar) 2300 kg
Pressure 700 bar
Spring Length (min.) 73 mm
Spring Length (maks.) 250 mm
Effective Area 3,3 cm²
Oil Volume 83 cm³
Length 731 mm
Width 136 mm
Depth 70 mm
Weight 7,3 kg
Origin / Brand Swedish / Rehobot
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  • Operating pressure 700 Bar
  • External hydraulic pump
  • 2300 kg pressing capacity
  • Spring length range 73 - 250 mm 
  • Spring clutch dia. max. 250mm
  • Connectin tab range 70 - 195 mm
  • Suitable for mobile use, ergonomics
  • Compatible with cars, SUVs and vans
  • 12 months warranty for manuf. defects
  • Origin is Swedish, Rehobot brand
Technical Specifications

Hydraulic spring compressor SC23

The hydraulic spring compressor from REHOBOT is a universal and very powerful tool. The spring compressor uses exchangeable jaws in order to suit almost any car model.

Model Unit SC23 SC23-12
Pressing Capacity (700 bar) kg 2300 2300
Pressure bar 700 700
Spring Length (min.) mm 73 73
Spring Length (maks.) mm 250 250
Effective Area cm² 3,3 3,3
Oil Volume cm³ 83 83
Length mm 731 731
Width mm 136 136
Depth mm 70 70
Weight kg 7,3 10,8
Product Content ** Only device Set
Set Content ** ** KL-1510SP
Origin / Brand ** Swedish / Rehobot Swedish / Rehobot

Universal, simple and safe

These were the major criteria used when we designed and developed this tool. Due to the enormous forces, working with springs is often both complicated and risky. Thanks to REHOBOT's hydraulic spring compressor, this work can now be carried out much easier and safer. This tool is a must-have-tool for any workshop.


The hydraulic spring compressor uses common jaws which in many cases are already part of the workshop equipment. Jaws are available for many different car models.


Mechanical tools with worn-out and heavy loaded parts mean a higher risk of personal injury. The hydraulic spring compressor has minimal wear and is therefore much safer than comparable mechanical tools.

Easy to operate

The hydraulic spring compressor is equipped with a quick-coupling which makes it easy to connect the tool to a foot-operated air/hydraulic pump (this type of pump is highly recommended). Thanks to the pump, the operator has both hands free for controlling the tool. Furthermore, the spring compressor is provided with a flexible holding block, which allows the tool to be placed in a suitable angle in a work bench vise.

Time saving

The hydraulic spring compressor is a time saving tool because compression and decompression is done very quickly. Besides that, in many cases the tool can be used directly on the car.

Note: Jaws are ordered separately. Please have a look at our assortment of jaws.


Code Spring Diameter
KL-1500SP 70-100 mm
KL-1510SP 80-165 mm
KL-1520SP 155-195 mm

Rehobot Hydraulic Spring Compressor Datasheet - PDF

Rehobot Hydraulic Spring Compressor Instructions - PDF


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