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MODEL HS Bolt Tension Calibrator

800 kN Bolt Tension Calibrator, Bolt Sizes 3/4” - 1.1/2” [M16-M36]

Model Number MODEL HS-100
Tension Capacity 170.000 lbf
Tension Capacity 800 kN
Bolt Size Range 3/4”  - 1.1/2”
Bolt Size Range M16 – M36
Gauge Reading 1 Kip = 1.000 lbf
Accuracy ± 1%
Calibration NIST
Tool Weight 9.5 kg
Brand / Origin Skidmore  / USA
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  • Bolt tension accuracy ±1 %
  • Bolting test capacity 800 kN
  • Test bolt sizes metric M16 - M36
  • Test bolt sizes imperial  3/4” - 1.1/2”
  • Dual scale gauge kN – Lb pound
  • Allows pre-Installation verification
  • Calibration for impact wrenches
  • Skidmore calibration certificate
  • Lightweight design – Portable
  • Delivered in protecting peli case
  • Made in USA, by Skidmore Willhelm
Technical Specifications

Skidmore Wilhelm Model HS Portable Bolt-Tension Calibrator

The Model HS is a highly reliable direct-action hydraulic load cell instru-ment designed for use with high-strength bolts through 1-1/2 inch size. Direct dial readings to 170,000 pounds of bolt tension within 1% accuracy show the preload delivered. Recommended minimum bolt tensions are plainly indicated on the gage face. The Model H can be clamped to a convenient column or bench. The model H is available with interchangeable bolt bushing and plate sets for each size bolt to be tested in a complete range through 1-1/2 inch bolt sizes. Adapters can be made for special applications.

Typical Testing Applications

The calibrator can be used to measure fastener tension in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to:

• Calibration of tightening tools, pre-installation verification, rotational capacity tests, etc.

• The calibrator is compatible with all tightening tools including: manual and impact wrenches, pneumatic/hydraulic/electric wrenches and hydraulic tensioners, etc. 

Fastener elements that can be tested include: hex bolts, threaded studs, tension control (TC) bolts, Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) washers, anchor bolts, lock nuts, etc.


Torque-Control Wrenches: 

Simple to calibrate! Run up nut with im-pact wrench until wrench stalls. Read the dial for pounds tension. If reading is too high or low, adjust torque setting accord-ingly and repeat using new bolt and nut. 

Conventional Impact Wrenches: 

Set wrench air line regulator at desired power value. Run up nut until it stops ro-tating. Again, read the dial for pounds tension. Adjust regulator as necessary until wrench delivers desired bolt-tension dial reading. 


Using the Model H Calibrator, determine “snug” condition (point at which tool begins to impact). From snug condition, operate impact wrench until proper rotation is ob-tained. Resultant bolt-tension is shown on the dial

Skidmore Wilhelm Model HS Bolt Tension Calibrator - PDF

Skidmore Wilhelm Model HS Bolt Tension Calibrator Datasheet - PDF

Skidmore Wilhelm Model HS Bolt Tension Calibrator Parts List - PDF

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